Will anyone be surprised when Carmelo Anthony lands with the Houston Rockets? Probably not. Since the news broke that Anthony and the Thunder were parting ways, Houston was always the most logical destination. The bigger question is whether or not Anthony and Mike D'Antoni can put their tenuous past behind them.

According to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports, both D'Antoni and Anthony are ready to do exactly that. Schultz reports that Anthony doesn't hold a grudge and is “excited” to play for D'Antoni, and he also says that the feeling is mutual.

The player and coach famously disagreed while both were in New York to the point where D'Antoni walked away, but that was a very long time ago. Both men have matured over the years. At this point, they're seasoned veterans. Not to mention, they both know they can help one another out.

D'Antoni needs a stretch four that can knock down open shots. Anthony needs a career revival after a disappointing year in Oklahoma City. The match certainly isn't perfect, but it's as good as either can hope to get.

Additionally, Melo will get to play with his good buddy Chris Paul. The All-Star point guard has been advocating for Anthony to join the team and at this point; it seems like a foregone conclusion.

Expect to see Anthony catching kick out passes from Paul and James Harden this season. Don't expect to see any of the same friction between Melo and D'Antoni, especially if they rack up the W's.