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Rockets point guard Chris Paul catches fire at celebrity bowling event

Chris Paul is known for his competitiveness on the basketball court, his silky midrange jumper and his even silkier passing.

But fans of the new Houston Rockets point guard may be a bit surprised that basketball is seemingly not the only thing he’s good at.

Paul recently attended a celebrity bowling event for his foundation, and wowed the crowd with his skills in another type of lane.

If we didn’t know any better, Paul has the appearance of a seasoned bowler. His approach is measured, he appears focused and when he lets the ball fly, it’s noticeable that he puts a spin on the ball like a professional bowler.

One has to wonder not only where he picked up the skill of bowling, but just how much he practices. Maybe he’s looking to take the same path as Bill Murray’s character in “Kingpin?

Probably not. Either way, it’s not crazy to see why Paul, an exceptional basketball player, could be a solid bowler. Many of the concepts in bowling mirror those of shooting a basketball — wrist and arm manipulation, follow-through, timing and the like.

Whenever Paul decides to retire from basketball, maybe he has a future in the professional bowling circuit.