The Houston Rockets suffered another tough loss on Tuesday, falling to the Los Angeles Lakers, 117-100, in the Toyota Center. Rockets superstar James Harden was clearly unhappy with the loss, which prompted some controversy-inducing comments from the former MVP after the game.

With trade talks dying down a bit of late, Harden appears to be doing his best to make it abundantly clear that his feelings about leaving Houston have not changed one bit:

Harden is pretty much saying that he's done. In so many words, Harden seems to be implying that the only thing that can resolve the current predicament the Rockets are in is if they take on a fresh start — without him.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski provided some more insight on the Harden trade talks:

The Rockets are reportedly having trade talks with “more than a half dozen teams,” per ESPN, and they're seeking a franchise cornerstone plus first-round picks and/or young talent on rookie deals. It is clear that at this point, the Rockets continue to play hardball in terms of finding a suitable trade partner for Harden.

This appears to have been a desperate tactic from the Rockets front office to try and force Harden to remain with the squad. They are pretty much holding him hostage against his will. Perhaps they're hoping that over time their want-away superstar somehow has a change of heart.

Based on his statement above, however, it is clear that Harden remains adamant about his desire to jump ship sooner rather than later.