John Wall doesn't shy away from attacking the basket and he is done being shy about his lack of foul calls for the Houston Rockets. After falling to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday, Wall had a 90-second rant on the officials that aren't giving him foul calls in games, via Adam Spolane of SportsRadio610.

During Wednesday's narrow loss to the 76ers, John Wall would notch 28 points, three rebounds, and seven assists for the Rockets. However, the veteran point guard would only attempt five free throws in the game, making four of them. His five free throw attempts were the lowest in his past seven games.

Wall would be frustrated throughout the game for the lack of fouls that were called for him against Philadelphia's aggressive defense. He would explain that the referees would make excuses as to why he wasn't getting calls, causing him to speak out on the issue in his post-game conference.

Dating back to his days at Kentucky in college, Wall has been a point guard that excels at attacking the basket. Therefore, you would expect him to get a decent number of free throws per game. On the contrary, Wall has only had three seasons in his career where he's had six or more free throw attempts per game.

The NBA has typically fined players for criticizing officiating and it wouldn't come as a surprise if Wall is fined for his comments. While he's likely content with being fined, Wall hopes his frustrations lead to more foul calls moving forward.