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Kevin Porter Jr. speaks out on relationship with Jalen Green

Houston Rockets, Kevin Porter Jr., Jalen Green

After a dominating win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets point guard Kevin Porter Jr. talked about his relationship with rookie shooting guard Jalen Green.

“I see so much in him,” said Porter Jr. “And he sees so much in me. We got the same level of respect for each other.”

Dating back to before the draft, Porter Jr. openly hinted at the idea of playing alongside Green on the Rockets. During an Instagram live with Green before the draft, Porter commented about how the two would fit together in a backcourt before saying “Don’t say too much”.

It’s likely he was tipped off that Houston was leaning in Green’s direction at the number two spot of the 2021 NBA Draft. Almost three weeks before the draft, Porter Jr. tweeted that he was a point guard. The two started having multiple conversations with each other during the summer and discussed how they would mesh as a backcourt during training camp.

โ€œItโ€™s been good,” said Rockets youngster Jalen Green on his chemistry with Kevin Porter Jr. “Itโ€™s not really surprising because I think weโ€™re pretty much the same player in a way. Obviously he’s left handed and I’m right handed. But I think we still have the same attacks, can shoot the ball, can pass, can jump. I think we’re going to fit in real perfect together.”

Ironically, Green is a significantly better prospect than Porter Jr., but the experience gap is pretty noticeable on the court. Porter Jr. is confident in what he is as a player and is always aggressive about trying to score or make a play happen offensively. Meanwhile, Green has been a little tentative to start the season and has let the game come to him as opposed to imposing his will on it. This is why Porter Jr. often times has to be the one who pushes Green to stop thinking and play towards his aggressive nature.

“It just helps me become more of a leader, because I have to lead,” said of his dynamic with Green. “He’s my little brother and I want to set him up for success. So that bond is never going anywhere off the court. On the court, we make it gel, we make it work. That’s what we’ve been doing each and everyday.”

Green is in a tough spot, with three other capable scorers on the team (Porter Jr., Christian Wood, and Eric Gordon) so the opportunities where he gets the ball in isolation to score (where he thrives) are going to be limited. He the same sentiment with Porter Jr. on this topic.

“It’s just in the flow of the offense,” said Jalen Green on finding his rhythm.ย  “If the action goes through and time is going down on the shot clock, that’s when it’s time to attack. So it’s whoever has the ball in his hands.”

Silas said he plans to draw up more plays specifically for Green and offer him opportunities to create for himself, but in the meantime, creating in the flow of Houston’s offense is what the team prefers.

“If we keep moving the ball, it’ll be natural, ” said the Rockets head coach. “That’s the best way for it to happen. I don’t want to have to concentrate on giving him the ball.”