Houston Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni summed up what everyone is thinking.

After it was announced that Golden State Warriors small forward Andre Iguodala would sit out Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals tonight, here's how D'Antoni reacted:

While Iguodala hasn't been an All-Star for awhile, the statement still holds true as he is an extremely important part of the Warriors, who are still loaded even without him.

Iguodala has been great this series holding James Harden and Chris Paul to 1-for-41 shooting in the first three games when he was the primary defender. He has been starting too as the Warriors have run with the Hamptons 5 lineup so far this series.

The Warriors won by 41 in Game 3 and Iguodala surely isn't worth quite that much so the Rockets will still have to play much better to take down the defending champs tonight. It will be interesting to see if they can take advantage of the absence of the cagey defender.