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Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni thinks James Harden is still the ‘best offensive player,’ says he’s even better this season

Mike D'Antoni, Rockets, James Harden

A year ago, Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni heralded James Harden as the best offensive player he’s ever seen. Now, the head coach hasn’t changed his mind and shared more tangible proof to defend his claims.

Per Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, D’Antoni shared that Harden is even better this season. A good proof is his recent milestone of scoring 30-plus against every team in one season.

“I haven’t changed my mind. Still the same, maybe better,” Mike D’Antoni said.

“His stepback’s better. He just went on a two-month tear (averaging more than 40 points per game). It’s incredible what he’s doing. He’s scored 30 points against every team in the NBA. Probably should look at it real close. He might have got it against most teams twice. He’s incredible.”

A year ago, Mike D’Antoni had the same opinion. The difference was that he didn’t provide tangible evidence to defend his case. All he mentioned was the way Harden sees the floor and shoots step back 3-pointers effortlessly. Of course, these are all impressive abilities but people want to see actual statistics as proof.

James Harden entered Wednesday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies averaging 35.8 points, 6.4 rebounds and 7.7 assists. The Rockets star leads the NBA in scoring. Apart from which, his tally is the most assists ever for a 35-a-night scorer. And he’s doing it in fewer minutes and fewer shots.

If this isn’t enough proof that Harden is the best offensive player today, we don’t know what is.