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P.J. Tucker’s blunt reaction to Dennis Schroder’s claim that crotch shot was unintentional

P.J. Tucker, Rockets, Dennis Schroder, Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dennis Schroder claimed his low blow on Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker in Game 5 was unintentional.

Tucker is calling bull:

Schroder clipped Tucker below the belt after the veteran tried to set an on-ball screen in the third quarter.

Tucker was actually called for an offensive foul, and he got in Schroder’s face before giving him a headbutt, prompting a bit of a scuffle between the two teams.

However, the referees agreed with Tucker’s claim he was the victim of an unnecessary shot to the groin. Schroder was ejected upon further review, though Tucker was also tossed from the game.

Tucker’s comments reinforce the frustration felt by the Rockets with respect to a number of incidents in this series, notably with respect to Chris Paul.

Via Sam Amick of The Athletic:

What’s more, there’s a strong sense that Paul’s stature within the league — a position that was on full display this week as he led the way in the players’ return to work after the Wednesday walkout — plays a part here.

Make up your own mind, but that’s definitely a point of concern in Rockets circles. Especially considering the reality that the NBA is likely on the cusp of some difficult negotiations with the Paul-led National Basketball Players Association this offseason because of these unprecedented circumstances. And yes, if you somehow haven’t heard, Paul has a bit of a history with these sorts of plays.

The NBA is investigating both Tucker and Schroder, but it remains to be seen whether the two players will face further discipline.

For his part, Tucker is not buying Schroder’s innocence.

The Rockets and Thunder are set to play Game 6 on Monday. Houston will be looking to finish off Oklahoma City after going up 3-2 in the series.