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PJ Tucker makes massive upgrade to his hotel room

Rockets, PJ Tucker

With 22 teams arriving in Orlando for the 2019-20 NBA season restart at Walt Disney World, several players have stood out demonstrating wide-ranging opinions in the quality of their hospitality. Now, Houston Rockets forward PJ Tucker has found a way to mitigate the time spent quarantined in his hotel room.

Tucker showed off his brand new television with a post on his Instagram Story. The Rockets veteran boasted an 85-inch flatscreen from Samsung, the “Class TU8000 Crystal UHD” Series 8 version.

The 35-year-old joins fellow NBA athletes holed up in Orlando finding ways to pass the time. Upon their arrival, players must quarantine in their own rooms and not come in contact with other players due to a waiting period for a certain number of negative coronavirus tests.

During that time, players have showcased what they have viewed as meager meals provided for them, along with rooms that don’t compare to previous living arrangements outside of Disney World resorts.

Former Rockets guard Troy Daniels, now with the Denver Nuggets, had a photo go viral due to a small spread for one of his meals (although it was reported later that this was just an appetizer to an entrée). Los Angeles Lakers veteran point guard Rajon Rondo later complained that his room at the Grand Destino looked more like a Motel 6.

Meanwhile, the Rockets are staying at the Grand Floridian as they prepare to finish the regular season in the “bubble” setting before heading into the playoffs in a very difference set of circumstances than the normal NBA postseason.