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P.J. Tucker says Rockets teammates Chris Paul, James Harden are ‘among the best to ever do it’

Rockets, PJ Tucker, Chris Paul, James Harden

PJ Tucker says the main reason he signed with the Houston Rockets in the summer of 2017 was because he wanted to play with Chris Paul and James Harden.

Tucker and Paul have been friends since childhood, while Tucker saw from afar how special of a player Harden was. The rugged defender signed a four-year, $31.9 million contract with the Rockets in 2017 and has found a home in Houston.

Tucker says it’s a privilege to be able to watch Paul and Harden play every night.

“Like, don’t get it twisted. I’m a competitor. I want the ball when it matters,” Tucker wrote in his Players’ Tribune Piece. “But I came to Houston because I wanted to play with Chris Paul (a guy I’ve been close with since we were kids) and James Harden. They’re both not only the best the league has to offer right now, but also among the best to ever do it, period. I get a front row seat to watch greatness night after night.

“Sometimes that means taking 12 shots, sometimes it means taking two. But that’s a tradeoff I’m happy to make because when you play with two guys who have amazing vision you know you’re going to get the ball when you should have it.”

The Rockets are currently tied with the Golden State Warriors at 2-2 in the second round. Houston lost to the Warriors in seven games in the 2018 Western Conference Finals.

Tucker, Paul and Harden don’t want to lose to Golden State again.