Inside the NBA has been one of the most anticipating shows to look forward to for over 20 years. The entertainment and chemistry that the crew displays are a big reason for their 11 Sports Emmy Awards. On Thursday night, Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal displayed another entertaining moment by pronouncing the name of Rockets guard Victor Oladipo.

As the TNT crew were speaking on the Rockets' new roster, O’Neal mistakenly misstated Oladipo’s name as “Victor Ola-dip-io.” He quickly corrected himself as soon as he saw that he mispronounced Oladipo’s name.

The mistake that O’Neal made was followed by the rest of the crew chuckling over what transpired. Although it was a major mistake by O’Neal, he quickly recovered by continuing to give great analogy on the Houston Rockets roster.

Oladipo was traded on January 13 to the Rockets from the Indiana Pacers. Since he arrived in Houston, he has averaged 19.6 points in 10 games played. Although Oladipo’s name continues to swirl around trade rumors, he continues to remain focused on his impact with Houston.

With a solid core of John Wall, Oladipo, DeMarcus Cousins, and budding superstar Christian Wood, the Rockets have looked better off without James Harden. They're building an identity of their own and could very well find themselves in a playoff spot by the season's end.