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Rockets fans react on Twitter to James Harden’s resurfaced ‘Rocket 4 Life’ tweet from 2017

Rockets, James Harden

Most prestige players of today’s league refrain from publicly declaring their desire to remain with a franchise for the rest of their careers. In most cases than none, it usually leads to that said player walking back those statements when they’re either traded or sign with another team. James Harden however, made the mistake of tweeting “Rocket 4 Life” back in 2017 in response to a fan asking him to remain in Houston.

The Twitter FBI agents didn’t take too much time to find the tweet and use it at the former MVP’s expense.

The internet took pleasure in clowning Harden for the bold statement he made only a few seasons ago.

In defense of Harden, the elite scoring guard did give the Rockets some of the best years of his career, earning his MVP nod during his tenure as well. The group came close to besting the Golden State Warriors and advancing to the NBA Finals once, but luck wasn’t on their side in the end.

After giving the Rockets eight glorious seasons (nine including the start of this season), Harden is ready to see how far he can go with close friend and former teammate Kevin Durant along with Kyrie Irving. The trifecta could end up forming the most talented Big 3 in NBA history if they perform well besides just looking good on paper.

There’s no certainty as to when Harden will be able to join his new team, seeing as how he has to pass physicals first.