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Zach Randolph speaks out on infamous ‘Bullies get bullied’ moment with new Rockets center DeMarcus Cousins

Rockets, DeMarcus Cousins, Zach Randolph

Fresh off DeMarcus Cousins’ new deal with the Houston Rockets, former NBA player Zach Randolph spoke out on his infamous “Bullies get bullied” moment with the big man.

Randolph made an appearance on the “The James Posey” podcast where he looked back on his NBA career, including his little chat with Cousins in the free-throw line back in 2017. Randolph was generous enough to explain what he meant when he said “Where I’m from bullies get bullied. In my hood bullies get bullied”:

“I just talked to little bro the other day. I just talked to Cuz, you know he there in Houston, I just talked to him the other day. You know Boogie here is a big old beast man, so I just told him to leave my player alone. You know he picking on one of the players. So man quit being a big old bully man, that’s my man though. But bullies don’t get bullied, bullies get bullied for show,” Randolph explained about the incident with the now-Rockets big man, per Essentially Sports.

Below is the 2017 incident which has been circulating around the internet. Several fans have used this against Cousins, who, at the peak of his career, was known for his aggressive and emotional playstyle. It only takes a nudge to trigger Cousins to put his fists up and start a fight. But according to fans, Boogie only chooses to engage against players he can push around, and Randolph doesn’t belong on that list.

Be as it may, Zach Randolph definitely cleared the air regarding a rumored rivalry with DeMarcus Cousins. He actually sees Cousins as a little brother and is happy that he’s getting another shot with the Rockets.