James Harden is obsessed with basketball and he's become a superstar with the Houston Rockets. His obsession with basketball seemingly began in high school when Harden's mom said he threw a ball at a girl who took a liking to the shooting guard.

“He got in trouble one time in junior high, he threw a basketball at a girl..he wasn’t into dating, just wanted to play basketball. I think she was trying to flirt with him, so he threw the basketball at her. Sorry?”

The quote comes from Harden's mom during an interview in a recent episode of ESPN's E:60 series. Everyone can view the entire video of Harden's appearance on E:60 right here.

Basketball has always been the main focus in James Harden's life and that has remained true in the NBA. After beginning his career as a sixth-man with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Harden has evolved into arguably the league's best scorer with the Rockets.

In the past three seasons, Harden has eclipsed 30 points per game and has led the league in scoring since 2017. His ability to score in a multitude of ways has helped Houston turn into a contending team in the Western Conference.

However, Harden and the Rockets are still chasing the elusive NBA title as the team is set to find a new head coach and general manager. Provided that, it remains to be seen what type of Rockets team we see next season.

Even when girls attempt to get close to Harden, he's pushed them away in the name of basketball — dating back to his days in junior high. Harden's love for basketball has continued to remain prevalent in the NBA and that should continue in 2021 with the Rockets.