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Roland V-02HD: Roland releases value streaming video mixer for creators

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Japanese audiovisual corporation Roland releases a brand-new affordable streaming video mixer for creators. Dubbed the Roland V-02HD MK II, it is a simple and affordable solution for bringing higher production values to computer-based live streaming.

For content creators, being shown a $395 new piece of equipment might seem daunting, expensive, and unnecessary. A simpler option, really, is to get a stream deck and customize it for these functions. But if you can afford it, your streaming life does gets easier with a streaming video mixer. It simplifies scene changing, audiovisual mixing, and audio leveling, and supports hands-free control when connected with footswitches. It works with OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, StreamYard, and Restream. Being plug and play, you can use the Roland V-02HD MK II right off the box. With one of these, you can easily change scenes, adjust camera angles, fade picture-in-picture windows seamlessly, cut to new scenes or images, and more.

While the Roland V-02HD MK II is very user-friendly and beginner-friendly, those who have more acumen in technical tinkering can dive into Roland’s deep capabilities. There are a lot of advanced features and custom assignments that can be explored, which creators can make the most use of with a connected HDMI monitor for live display feedback.

Finally, getting the product will provide users with free access to the AeroCaster Switcher for the iPad, giving your tablet a lot of PC-level capabilities.