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Clippers should go after Rudy Gay to push them to the next level

rudy gay clippers

The Clippers are currently the hottest team in the NBA with a record of 14-3. They recently had back-to-back games in which they amassed forty point leads. That is such a rarity in this day and age of basketball and has not been done by a team for quite some time.

In order to win a championship in the NBA you have to be able to position yourself better than all the other teams in the league. That includes making trades and key free agency signings. The Clippers are already in the upper echelons of the league, but they need improved small forward play to take them to to even greater heights among the league’s elite teams.

Rudy Gay could be the answer to solve all the Clippers wants and desires. He has expressed his concern before with the Kings‘ inability to win games consistently. If he were to come to Los Angeles, he would definitely take a lot of the pressure off of Chris Paul, and also provide a tremendous deal of spacing for superstar Blake Griffin.

The Clippers are lacking a good scoring threat from the three position, and adding Rudy Gay would give them another isolation option, which is crucial down the stretch in the playoffs. The Clips have been stuck for quite some time, never being able to advance past the Western Conference Semifinals. It looks like this could be the year for them, barring no serious injuries, but bringing on another proven scorer like Gay may be needed to make it happen.

Doc Rivers is certainly pushing the team to be its best; he knows if they don’t make any noise that could be the end of the Big 3 in Los Angeles. We all know Doc does not handle rebuilding teams very well, and prefers to work with well developed talent. If they can’t make a deep run into the playoffs he may be forced to deal with the departure of Griffin, and maybe even Chris Paul. That would be bad news for the head coach and would put him in a position he does not like to be in.

Rudy Gay could be the answer to all their recent problems, but the Clippers just have to make the move and acquire him. That trade would make the Clippers that much more formidable – and maybe just take them to the promise land.

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