The Aaron Rodgers trade rumors were at an all-time high before the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers finally agreed on a trade. During that time, it was always the Jets and nobody else. However, the New England Patriots reportedly made an attempt to land Rodgers, per Craig Carton on The Carton Show.

“The New England Patriots made an offer to the Green Bay Packers to get Aaron Rodgers…His agent said, ‘No, we ain't playing for New England. We wanna be a Jet.”

Yes, Carton mentions that the Patriots made a run at Rodgers, but the veteran signal-caller didn't want to play for the franchise. Now, this goes hand in hand with the Patriots' quarterback issues, and the play of Mac Jones has been a hot topic for the past few months. If the former Alabama star doesn't improve in 2023, there could be even more traction for New England to make a change at the quarterback position.

Regardless, Rodgers' desire was to play for the Jets and the Jets only if he left Green Bay, and all early signs point to him being extremely happy with his new organization. The question now remains can he lead the Jets to an AFC East title?

But can you imagine a team led by legendary head coach Bill Belichick and future Hall of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers? On the flip side, it would've been a massive headache to see how these two personalities got along with one another. Oh, the drama that would've created.