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Russell Westbrook appears on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Russell Westbrook has been getting out and about this offseason; the Thunder superstar must be proud to have his own team. On Thursday night, Westbrook made a guest appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. While there, Westbrook showed his true colors, his comedy, and his fashion. Westbrook is not one to back down from anyone and that showed when he had fun mouthing a Hall of Famer:

Westbrook is working on extending his brand, and his shoe game is not very well known in the NBA community, so he took a step to try to change that. Fallon showed off the newest shoes that Westbrook is coming out with this year. One of Fallon’s musicians seemed to fall in love when he saw them:

Westbrook is still all about competition though, and he also had some fun with that on Thursday. Fallon and Westbrook had a competition of throwing random objects into a hole. It is quite strange seeing Westbrook making football throws instead of the assists that he gets on the basketball court. Nevertheless, Westbrook had success and let his athleticism show:

Maybe the most surprising part of the show is that Westbrook was not wearing a more abnormal shirt. His reasoning behind that may have been to show off the Westbrook logo necklace that he was wearing. It is all about building the brand for NBA players, and Westbrook is taking more and more steps everyday to do that. Russ has a great opportunity to build a huge brand off the Thunder fan base now that he is the only big superstar on the team.

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