If you've ever caught what Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook's sense of fashion is like, then you know he sports an assembly of outfits that most could not step outside with in confidence.

Westbrook's sometimes bizarre fashion sense has been eye-catching enough over the years to present the opportunity for him to be featured in GQ magazine.

TMZ caught up with with the NBA's fashion king to ask him what type of gear would be the best to wear during the coming summer months. He didn't give a list but gave his advice just to be yourself.

When asked if he endorsed the trending and controversial male romper as a suggestion, Westbrook wasn't afraid to say he is definitely not on the hype train.

“I don't wear rompers, man. I just be chillin”

Once Westbrook finds something bad enough to be unwearable, then it's a clear sign to stay away from it.

Before leaving the scene, he also admitted that being a new father and taking care of his son Noah is more work than attaining triple doubles.