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Russell Westbrook’s new commercial hints at staying put with Thunder

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook released a new commercial this afternoon called “The Perfect Journey.”

Interestingly, the ad seems to be hinting at a contract re-signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the commercial, Westbrook uses a lot of snippets from people in Oklahoma saying just how much they appreciate him.

You can watch the full commercial here:

This is definitely sends good vibrations to Thunder fans as they watched their former franchise leader leave almost a year ago. With this assurance in thanking the city for the love and loyalty, it will certainly make all Thunder fans smile. Oklahoma City has some of the best and most loyal fans in the NBA and this commercial shows just that.

Russell Westbrook will be eligible to sign a super-max contract this summer. A contract that could be worth up to $217 million. A NBA record.

The NBA implemented this new “super-max” so players would stay on their teams rather than bolting and chasing rings like Kevin Durant and various other players. With the possibility of being the highest paid player in NBA history coupled with having the biggest green light ever, it will be hard for Westbrook to say no.

Obviously, Westbrook had a historic season, averaging a triple double, the first in over 50 years. He also broke the record of most triple doubles in a season with 42. If Westbrook does in fact decide to stay with Oklahoma City, everyone will see him as extremely loyal.

With a new baby on the way, it’s safe to say that Russell Westbrook and his wife would want to lay down some roots somewhere. What better place than a city that has supported him for his entire career.

With the youngest team in this year’s playoffs, the Thunder will only get better. If they can surround Westbrook with more weapons, the Thunder could possibly contend for a title very soon.

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