Ryan Garcia lost to Gervonta Davis via TKO during their Saturday clash, but the fight didn't end there. Sure enough, more controversies arose regarding the bout, with Garcia bringing back the “mole” controversy that he already mentioned even before their showdown.

A day after their battle, Garcia shared his disappointment that Davis had a “mole” in his camp to report about his work and plans for their meeting. While he emphasized that it's not an excuse for his defeat, he just couldn't help but mention it considering how he was betrayed by the people on his own side, per SportsCenter.,

“Actually sad I had a mole in my camp. Like wtf that's crazy, but thank God it’s brought to light now,” Garcia wrote on his Instagram stories.

“Also didn't mean that to come off as an excuse or anything. I lost, period. I'll come back, but I'm just shocked that part of my team crossed me, someone close to me. Unbelievable. But it's a testimony that you must be aware of anyone.”

Sure enough, boxing fans were split over Ryan Garcia's latest statement. Some couldn't help but be criticize him for seemingly using it as an excuse for his defeat, while others show their support to him and argued that may have played a big role in the results of the fight.

“F**kin clown ass social media influencer stepped against an undefeated real time boxer of course Garcia gonna cry,” a critic said. Another one commented, “Didn’t he say a few days before the fight that the “mole” didn’t matter and wasn’t gonna make a difference?”

A third Twitter user added, “Here come the excuses. That L must be finally setting in.”

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As mentioned, plenty of fans also believe Ryan Garcia's claim and called out Gervonta Davis for it.

“Told y'all. Fight was rigged from the beginning,” a commenter wrote.

A second supporter said, “How is this not cheating? Dude should have to pay a huge fine.”

“Did no one watch the clip Davis saying he did have one?” another Twitter user asked.

Davis has yet to respond to Garcia's allegations, but it's doubtful he'll let it slide. After all, Garcia is basically questioning the validity of his win.

It's unknown if there will be a rematch between the two, though with the accusations being thrown, it might be best to have one and let the fight decide who is the rightful winner.