Ryan Hollins is an NBA journeyman, having played for nine franchises over 10 years in the league. After being waived by the Grizzlies this season, he's now looking for a new team to play for, and apparently is getting desperate.

The NBA veteran posted a string of tweets on Tuesday about being a ‘hobo' before thinking better of it and deleting them. The first tweet read:

“Will play for food#basketball”

The follow-up:

“Hobo Hollins here: Remember kids, even if you play 8 seconds, you still get that game check!”

He then threatened an exposé on NBA road life:

“If I don't get picked up next year…I'm writing a tell-all book about the NBA life on the road…#imeaneverything”

Hollins finally ended his rant with one that he didn't feel the need to delete:


However, it was eventually revealed that the whole thing was merely a prank. Hollins took it in stride:

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