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Saints’ Cam Jordan hilariously shades Tampa Bay when asked about playing in empty stadium

Cam Jordan, Saints

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan responded with a humorous answer when questioned about the atmosphere in the stadium with no fans being present.

Jordan’s bitter jab comes after a 34-23 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in which Jordan had four tackles with no sacks, but he was able to enforce pressure on Tom Brady’s passing game.

However, Jordan’s comments may come across a bit edgy after the referees missed a call against Jordan for appearing to punch a Buccaneers’ player that was already down on the play.

Despite a moderate performance, Jordan is coming into this season following a 2019 season that saw him post a career-high in sacks at 15.5, which ranked third in the NFL. The 31-year old California product should have little to no issues disrupting offenses going forward.

The Buccaneers weren’t able to thrive behind Brady’s lackluster debut as he threw a couple of touchdowns to match a pair of interceptions. On the opposite end of that was Drew Brees performance for the Saints, as he finished the game with a 96.5 quarterback rating.

Many players and coaches have given more or less the same answer when it comes to playing in an empty stadium, though none as funny as Jordan’s response. How the absence of fans affects the morality of players remains to be seen beyond just the first game of the season.

The Buccaneers will look to regain confidence in their next game as they host the Carolina Panthers next Sunday. The New Orleans Saints will push their momentum next Monday against the Las Vegas Raiders.