Saints News: Cam Jordan says 'This **** is ridiculous' when asked about frustrations after controversial no-call
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Saints’ Cam Jordan says ‘This **** is ridiculous’ when asked about frustrations after controversial no-call

Cam Jordan, Saints

Cam Jordan and the New Orleans Saints think that they got robbed in the NFC title game against the Los Angeles Rams. Whether it has been players, fans, coaches, former referees and just about everyone else on the planet, it appears that 100 percent of people are in agreement that the Saints got hosed for the second consecutive postseason.

This time, the Saints were the victims of a blown call by the officials on a play that should have resulted in at least some sort of defensive penalty. Instead, Los Angeles Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman was able to interfere with Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis with the NFC West franchise now headed to Super Bowl LIII.

Because it remains impossible to go back in time in the year 2019, all we can do it talk about what happened — which is exactly what Saints pass rusher Cam Jordan did after this year’s NFC Championship Game. It is safe to say that his opinion remains consistent with just about everyone else we’ve heard from on Sunday.

“Without bashing a so-said referee who is supposed to be elite at his job, I don’t know, blame it on the government shutdown, I don’t know,” Jordan told Josh Katzenstein of The Times-Picayune following Sunday afternoon’s crushing loss. “At some point, this **** is ridiculous.”

It is no secret that the Saints should be representing the NFC in this year’s installment of the Super Bowl. However, the previously red-hot NFC South franchise will simply have to come back stronger next season with a major chip on their shoulders.