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Demario Davis calls for policing policies to change

It’s evident that changes need to be made to the system that has treated people of color unjustly following the tragic murder of George Floyd. As a result of what has transpired this past week, New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis is calling for policing policies to change.

While making an appearance on NFL Network, Davis exclaimed that we need to honor the Floyd family. The only way to honor the family, since we unfortunately can’t bring back George, is to make sure justice is served to the police officers that murdered him.

Besides the police officer who murdered him, the three officers that idly watched have yet to be arrested. Once there arrested and convicted, then the Saints standout believes there need to be alterations made to the police force:

“Then we have to change the way policing is done in our country. We know how to respond to crisis, we know how to respond to tragedies,” the Saints defensive talent said. “Just think back to 9/11 — 9/11 changed the way that we do airports. You’ll never walk into an airport and it’ll be the same. It was changed as a form of protection. We would never allow that situation to happen again in our country and that’s what we need to do around policing. We need to change the way that that we police so we won’t have these incidents come up again. Because every time it does it tears at the threads of America. It tears us apart.”

There have been plenty of people to issue statements on the death of Floyd and the racial injustices happening in today’s society. On the other hand, the Saints vet has manifested a solution that should be taken into consideration by people with prominent jobs in the government.