Saints news: Players help improve disabled man's house
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Saints players help improve disabled man’s house


New Orleans Saints players helped build a ramp outside the home of a disabled man on Wednesday.

Per, Jerry Hills said he lost his left leg three years ago due to a bacterial infection, and with no ramp outside, he had to hop down the steps or crawl up them. A few months ago, he called Nikki Williams at Rebuilding Together New Orleans, and on Wednesday, Saints players and employees from Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers volunteered to renovate the house.

“Having this ramp is a great feeling,” Hills said. “To see so many people that care about you, it’s great. It’s really great.”

Saints players Michael Thomas, Cameron Jordan, Marcus Davenport, David Onyemata, Zach Line, Taylor Stallworth, Keith Kirkwood, Darnell Sankey and Zach Wood all helped work on the project.

Jordan, who frequently participates in charity events, said this was another opportunity for the Saints to show how much they care about the community.

“Just putting something up there like that for him will be really amazing, just to make things easier for him,” Onyemata said.

The Saints players were joined by members of the Dudley Debosier law firm, and the event organizers from Rebuilding Together New Orleans were thankful for the help.

Stallworth spoke to Doug Mouton of WWL-TV saying,  “I never touched a power drill in my life, but I’m out here today doing it. Just doing it for somebody else that’s in need, it just brings a whole different special feeling to it.”