The last week has been drama-filled for Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints. While there was a growing belief the team would even consider trading their star wideout, it appears the two parties have cleared the air.

“They had a good talk about [the issues],” one source said, via Yahoo Sports. “I think they both believe it’s not anything that has to go any further than what is already out there. There was some frustration from both viewpoints and that was the point of the meeting.”

It was revealed over the weekend that Thomas was ignoring the Saints for two months during the summer, refusing to answer any calls or have any communication with the organization amid his ankle rehabilitation. That resulted in him getting surgery later than desired, which means he will now miss the start of the 2021 season. His latest cryptic social media post was also a topic of conversation in their meeting.

Of course, the Saints don’t want to trade their best wide receiver. But, if the animosity did continue, they would likely explore the idea. At this point though, New Orleans will be focused on getting him healthy and back on the field. If things didn’t improve at that point, there could at least be some value for him if the Saints shipped him out of town. It seems like the goal is to keep Michael Thomas for the time being, though, and enter the post-Drew Brees era with their superstar at the forefront.