A new report suggests that Radio Silence's Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett could be replaced by Happy Death Day and Freaky director Christopher Landon in the upcoming seventh Scream film.

Recently, rumors began circulating that Radio Silence would not be returning for a third Scream outing. Bloody Disgusting is now reporting that Landon could be the one to take over the reins. Granted, it's not that Radio Silence doesn't want to come back. They currently are hard at work on their mysterious Universal Monster movie (which will feature Scream star Melissa Barrera).

It's a shame if this report is true, as Radio Silence seamlessly transitioned into the Scream franchise after Wes Craven's tragic passing. They introduced a new young cast with the likes of Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, and more while bringing back the original cast. Neve Campbell and David Arquette returned for the fifth installment (Campbell sat out the sixth while Arquette's Dewey died), and Courtney Cox has been in both of the Radio Silence-directed films.

Radio Silence also directed two fiscally-successful Screams. The 2022 film grossed $138.8 million worldwide after reviving the franchise over a decade after the previous film came out. Scream VI grossed $168.8 million worldwide earlier this year and had the highest domestic opening weekend in the franchise's history.

But if anyone is going to replace Radio Silence, Christopher Landon feels like a good choice. He has horror experience having written a number of Paranormal Activity films and directed Happy Death Day (and Happy Death Day 2U) which had the same type of fun slasher notes as the Scream franchise. Ditto for Landon's body-swap horror film, Freaky (which he co-wrote). Landon's resume serves as a great example of what he's capable of with the Scream franchise just as Radio Silence's Ready or Not did for them.

A seventh Scream movie is obviously in the works. There were reports of it hoping to film this year, but with the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, that doesn't look possible.