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Bobby Wagner attributes the Seahawks’ success to locker room chemistry

Bobby Wagner, Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks may have lost to the Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday, but they are a stout 10-3 on the season and are well on their way to making another playoff appearance.

Going into the year, there was some skepticism surrounding the Seahawks, as their offense looked rather limited in terms of weapons and their defense was certainly not quite what it was during the Legion of Boom days.

However, Seattle has been one of the NFL’s most consistent teams all year long, and linebacker Bobby Wagner credits the club’s chemistry as the primary reason.

“I just think it shows how close of a group we are,” said Wagner, per Patrick Olde Loohuis of Seahawks Wire. “When we go on the road, everybody’s connected, everybody’s together, and I think that’s what makes us a really good road team – the connection, the chemistry, especially on the defensive side because when the offense is up it’s so quiet. We’re able to communicate a lot better, we’re able to talk to one another a lot better. You can only talk to other people if you have a chemistry with them.”

Team chemistry unquestionably plays a pivotal role in success. Just ask the Dallas Cowboys, who own one of the league’s most talented rosters but are languishing at 6-7 due to clear locker room issues that may stem from the fact that Jason Garrett is a lame duck coach.

The Seahawks have seemed to find the perfect balance this season, and they appear to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders as a result.

Seattle will take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.