It came as a shock when the Seattle Seahawks released Bobby Wagner to free agency, especially considering he's a legend and future Hall of Fame linebacker for that franchise. Regardless, the superstar linebacker found a new home playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Now, he reflects on the abrupt release by his former team.

According to Pro Football Talk, it sounds like Wagner struggled with the idea of being let go by the Seahawks. Even so, the veteran linebacker claims he is at peace with Seattle's decision, however, he looks forward to playing against them twice in the 2022 season.

“I didn't want to leave Seattle. But if I was going to leave Seattle, home was the next-best thing for me and so being able to be home, like I'm at peace with the situation. But still, any competitor is looking forward to going back to the place that you played that they felt like you didn't have nothing left and proving them wrong.”

Although he'll miss playing for the Seahawks, the Rams were the next best option. Not only does Bobby Wagner return to his hometown, but he has an opportunity to seek revenge on his former team. The fact he's in LA is helping Wagner cope with the move away from Seattle, per Pro Football Talk.

“I think my opinion on it would have been different if I ended up somewhere else. But to have the opportunity to go home and play not far from my family. Like I haven't played this close to my family since high school [Colony High in Ontario, Calif.].”

With that in mind, we should see a motivated and determined Bobby Wagner throughout the season. He'll be lining up behind Aaron Donald, as the two forms one of the best front sevens in the league. As for the Seahawks, at least they made some cap room for their rebuild.