Seahawks news: Bradley McDougald intends to play in the box this season
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Seahawks safety Bradley McDougald intends to play in the box this season

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The Seattle Seahawks have been the Los Angeles Rams’ little brother in the NFC West in the past two seasons. Seattle will need a few players to step up in 2019 if Seattle hopes to take the NFC West back—with one being Bradley McDougald.

In an article by Michael-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic, Dugar highlights McDougald as someone who must step up to overtake the Rams. McDougald is ready to show he’s more than just a coverage safety, with him saying, “I definitely intend to play in the box” this season.

Here’s the full quote from the Seahawks free safety:

“There’s just more for me to do there in the run game and the man-to-man coverages,” McDougald said of playing closer to the line. “I’m always willing to do whatever to make the team work and to be the best asset for the team. But I definitely intend to play in the box.”

McDougald started in all 16 games for the Seahawks in 2018 due to Earl Thomas being hurt. The six-year safety is ready to show he can do more than just cover receivers and tight ends. Furthermore, McDougald wants to get the chance to show his value as a run stopper and utility player in the box.

In 2018, McDougald tallied 78 total tackles, four tackles for loss, three interceptions, and three forced fumbles. Without looking at the name of who’s stats those are, you would probably think it was Earl Thomas himself.

Before coming to Seattle in 2017, McDougald spent three-ish seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and less than a season with the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, McDougald has found a home in Seattle and is ready to showcase his abilities in the box in 2019.