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Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin fined for hit on Cam Newton

Bruce Irvin, Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots had a classic contest on Sunday Night Football in Week 2. It ended with Seattle winning the game 35-30.

However, that was not without a little bit of controversy. That controversy has led to Bruce Irvin of Seattle getting fined, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network on Twitter.

One play in particular had a few people scratching their heads. During the game, Seattle pass rusher Irvin hit New England quarterback Cam Newton well after he threw the ball on a play that actually resulted in a nice gain to star wide receiver Julian Edelman.

While he was not flagged on the play, Irvin has now been fined. And as Pelissero pointed out, that’s just the icing on the cake of a bad week for the Seattle defender. He also suffered a torn ACL and is now out for the season.

Of course, as already mentioned Seattle did win that game. And with the win, the Seahawks are now 2-0 on the young season. That puts them in a great position moving forward in the incredibly tough NFC West.

However, this is also a serious setback too. Losing Irvin is no small issue. And his fine probably is not helping his mindset at the moment.

That being said, it is a little bit of an answer for the Patriots. The hit was clearly after the ball was out of Newton’s hands. While he remained in the game, those types of hits are extremely dangerous and could lead to injuries.

That being said, it is unfair to assume that Irvin was attempting to do anything illegal or to harm Newton. He was simply playing the game at full speed and made a mistake, hitting the quarterback a little bit too late.

Hopefully Newton is perfectly healthy and Irvin’s pockets do not hurt too much from the fine.