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Seahawks’ Russell Wilson claims he hasn’t reached prime, reveals how long he plans to play

Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks will turn 32 years old in November, but the six-time Pro-Bowler believes that his best is yet to come, according to a story by John Boyle on Seahawks.com:

“I feel great,” Wilson told Boyle.. “I feel like I’m just hitting the beginning of my prime of my career, and I feel like I got a lot more ball to play, 10, 15 more years of play. I want my best years to be ahead of me. That’s what I’m excited about; the best years are ahead of me… For me personally I feel like I’m the best I’ve ever been, but I feel like I’m only at 70 percent capacity. I feel like I’ve got a whole ‘nother 30 (percent) more in me.”

While those are strong words, there is precedent for the best quarterbacks in the world to play at a high level well into their late 30s and even into their 40s – as the careers of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, John Elway and many others indicate.

Can Wilson improve on his already impressive career numbers? The former third-round draft pick is already No. 3 on the Seahawks’ all-time list when it comes to Approximate Value, Pro Football Reference’s catch-all metric measuring overall impact.

Perhaps he can, though he has already led his team in both passing and rushing – when he accumulated 3983 yards in the air and 586 yards on the ground in 2017 – all while leading the NFL in touchdowns with 34.

Either way, if he can bring the Seahawks back to the promised land of a Super Bowl win — like he did in 2013 — Seattle fans will be ready to crown him the best player in franchise history.