Seahawks news: Seattle linked to ex-Pro Bowl defensive tackle
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Seahawks linked to ex-Pro Bowl defensive tackle

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The Seattle Seahawks are all ears to their star quarterback’s thoughts on who they should sign next to bulk up the roster. They did this with the signing of Greg Olsen and Phillip Dorsett after Russell Wilson asked for more star power in the offense. And according to the latest rumors, the Seahawks are gunning for some veteran and ProBowl defensive tackles.

In a report by veteran football insider John Clayton via ESPN, a bunch of defensive tackles are linked to the Seahawks. And these names are aimed to grant Wilson’s demand for some star power in the defensive end.

“Everyone knows the Seahawks are going to sign a veteran defensive tackle who can be a run-stopper. Damon Harrison or Marcell Dareus would offer power. Getting Jadeveon Clowney back would also satisfy Wilson’s request for star power. But getting some on offense is still on the table.”

Harrison, Marcell, and Clowney have been named into the All-Pro teams at least once in their careers. Harrison was named into the first-team All-Pro in 2016, Dareus was a member of the First-Team All-Pro in 2014, and Clowney was selected a second-team All-Pro in 2016. Both Dareus and Clowney have been selected into the Pro Bowl twice and thrice, respectively.

The Seahawks seem to be serious about granting Wilson’s request. It is understandable since the quarterback brought them the Super Bowl trophy in 2013, followed by another trip in 2014.

With this in mind, will the Seahawks once again satisfy Wilson’s appeal? If so, will these players be enough to help the Seahawks win another Super Bowl?