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Seahawks’ harsh reality with Russell Wilson as quarterback

Russell Wilson, Seahawks

Russell Wilson’s return from injury was not enough for the Seattle Seahawks to overcome Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, as the Seahawks (5-5) lost to their NFC rivals at Lambeau Field Sunday, 17-0. The loss was bitter enough to accept for the Seahawks, especially with how it left their playoff chances much dimmer, but failing to score only made the setback an even harder one to swallow for Wilson and company.

There’s also a growing belief that Wilson is at the heart of the Seahawks’ offensive struggles.

Via Michael-Shawn Dugar of The Athletic:

In the last seven quarters with Wilson playing quarterback, the Seahawks have scored seven total points. They’re still bad on third down — one of the worst teams in the league, in fact. There are still long stretches in which Metcalf and Lockett, two of the best players at their positions, don’t touch the ball. The screen game is a train wreck. Even without those two turnovers Sunday, Seattle didn’t come close to scoring any points. This was no one-off; Seattle’s offense might seriously be broken.

Wilson finished the Packers game with just 161 passing yards, zero touchdowns, and a pair of interceptions while completing just half of his 40 throws. Wide receivers D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett looked a little more than just ornaments downfield for the Seahawks, as neither wideout managed to post more than 26 receiving yards. They also combined for only five receptions on 16 targets.

Something is certainly amiss on the Seahawks’ offense and they will have to diagnose and address that quickly before their season gets completely out of hand.