Seahawks news: Shaquem Griffin suggests a name change to the Legion of Boom
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Seahawks LB Shaquem Griffin suggests a name change to the Legion of Boom

]The Seattle Seahawks took one of the most popular and inspirational players in the draft when they took UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin in the fifth round. The one-handed linebacker has proven himself to be an incredible playmaker and an even more impressive athlete.

Prior to getting selected Saturday by Seattle, he had a suggestion in mind for the Seahawks defense if they took him; a new name:

With many of the guys from the team’s legendary Legion of Boom no longer on the roster, it may be time for a name change. Yes, the goal will be to still play with the same intensity and desire as before. But will these guys have the same intensity as their predecessors?

That remains to be seen, of course. But if Griffin can live up the reputation he developed in college, the Seahawks defense could be in very good shape. Due to his size, it remains to be seen if he’ll be playing linebacker or lining up at safety.

But while the name may be cool for him and his brother, the other defenders may take issue with it.

Call it a hunch.

What they may do instead is come up with some sort of nickname for Shaquem. It may be based off where he was when he got the call from the Seahawks—the bathroom. His brother answered the call and barged in on him.

“When I saw that, I grabbed the phone and jumped over everybody else on the floor and went to the bathroom,” said Shaquill, via ESPN. “I checked to see if he locked the door; he didn’t lock the door. I said, ‘You have to grab this!’ [I] said, ‘You don’t have time for this!’ I handed him the phone, and that’s how it went.”