Since losing the SuperSonics in 2008, Seattle sports fans have avidly supported bringing an NBA basketball team back to the city. Billionaire Chris Hansen almost purchased the Kings back in 2013, but was halted by a local effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

Unfortunately for those fans, those hopes took a major hit Monday as the Seattle City Council voted 5-4 in opposition to a measure which would have allotted a parcel of land to Hansen to build an NBA arena. The vote comes as more bad news for Seattle fans already facing an uphill battle.

Adam Silver
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has already stated that the NBA had no intention of bringing a team back to Seattle any time soon.

However, all hope is not lost. There are other potential locations for an arena, such as the renovation of Key Arena and a possible location further from downtown. Hansen still has until November 2017 to secure a deal before losing the $200 million in public funds guaranteed to him by the city.

But without a prospective team to bring in, it's seems less and less likely that will happen.