Sergio Busquets, the midfield maestro of Inter Miami, has weighed in on the contentious decision that saw LA Galaxy reduced to 10 men during their recent clash. In a dramatic 1-1 draw in Los Angeles, Lionel Messi's late equalizer salvaged a point for the Herons, but the match was overshadowed by the controversial sending off of Mark Delgado.

Following a second yellow card offense, Delgado's expulsion has sparked widespread debate, with even the player expressing disbelief over the call on social media. Reflecting on the incident, Busquets acknowledged the minimal contact but emphasized the referee's discretion in such decisions, suggesting that more substantial contact is warranted for such penalties.

The Spanish midfielder hinted at the impact of the red card on the game's outcome, conceding that playing with a numerical disadvantage can significantly influence the flow of the match. However, he also acknowledged the referee's authority in such matters, recognizing the limitations of intervention after the fact.

Adding fuel to the fire is the ongoing dispute between MLS and the Professional Soccer Referees Association, resulting in the utilization of replacement referees for the second consecutive week. With the absence of seasoned officials, the controversy surrounding refereeing decisions has intensified, casting a shadow over the league's early fixtures.

As Inter Miami gears up for a South Florida showdown against Orlando City, the focus shifts to maintaining momentum and securing a crucial home victory. Meanwhile, LA Galaxy faces a stern test against the San Jose Earthquakes, seeking redemption following their contentious draw. Amidst the uncertainty surrounding officiating, both teams remain determined to make their mark in the evolving landscape of MLS football.

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