Without a doubt, NBA on TNT is one of the greatest and most hilarious shows on basketball. Among the many stellar moments the show has given fans, Shaquille O'Neal's hilarious faceplant in 2015 takes the cake. The NBA legend recently shared the inside scoop behind the epic moment.

Shaq noted that it was a little competition between him and Kenny Smith. Shaq was very confident that he could beat The Jet since the former Houston Rockets guard had bad knees. His confidence, however, might have worked against him as he, according to fellow host Charles Barkley, slipped his big foot into the wires by accident. And the rest is history.

As they mentioned, many people thought that it was a scripted gag. But co-host Ernie Johnson and the rest of the crew have been firm in their stance that it was just a freak accident. Shaq simply made a fool of himself and it created one heck of an entertaining moment. Although a piece of Shaq still believes that his co-hosts set him up.

Whatever the real story behind the incident, one thing is clear: NBA on TNT is gold. No one really watches the show for the heavy basketball analysis of the hosts. Sure, they're all great basketball players during their time, but it's their respective personalities that attract millions of views every day. People are waiting for more epic moments to come. And of course, they want more of that tension-filled Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley rivalry, which almost always comes to blows.