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Sixers guard Ben Simmons seen with 2 phones at Vegas summer league

Ben Simmons

The stars are out in Las Vegas for the summer league games. Reigning Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons was in town to catch some of the games as well. Not only was the Sixers product wearing a fashionable satchel, he was also spotted using two phones.

Maybe Simmons is the next NBA star who will get caught using a burner account. Kevin Durant was caught last offseason defending himself under an anonymous pseudonym. Perhaps Simmons is using two completely different phones so he doesn’t make the same mistake Durant did.

In all likelihood, Simmons is not using his second phone to keep track of his burner accounts. For the average joe, having two phones is a luxury most people don’t get to experience, but for a professional athlete like Simmons, it’s probably not a big deal. He might have separate phones for business and personal use, or maybe he’s just holding onto someone else’s phone for a minute.

While there are a ton of valid reasons why Simmons would have two phones, the funniest is the burner account one. It doesn’t matter if it’s highly unlikely, that’s definitely what people are going to think when they see this picture, especially in wake of the Bryan Colangelo fiasco in Philly.

The idea of an NBA superstar using an anonymous social media account to defend themselves online is hysterical. So as long as it continues to happen, people will continue to make jokes about it.

Check the comments on this to see if Simmons jumps in to defend himself.

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