Sixers news: Bryan Colangelo expected to lose job with Philly
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Report: Bryan Colangelo expected to lose job with Philly

Bryan Colangelo

Since The Ringer report came out about Bryan Colangelo possibly having burner accounts to disclose private medical information, and bash his own players on Twitter, there have been questions about if exactly Colangelo would keep his job.

According to sources of the Philadelphia Inquirer, there are many who believe that Colangelo will lose his job, and the Philadelphia 76ers will be in the market for a new general manager.

The Sixers are conducting a private investigation into the report, and if they find out that he was running the burner accounts, it’s hard to imagine a route of him keeping his job.

The things he said about some of his players including Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and Joel Embiid, it’s going to be very hard to keep a working relationship.

One of the burner accounts tweeted about Fultz going through a very personal time in his life, and he just needed time to heal from that.

In early February, in a response to Marshall Harris, at the time of NBC Sports Philadelphia, Still Balling wrote, of Fultz, “Supposedly he just had some really traumatic family personal experience which really messed him up, probably just needs some time to process (☺) and heal.”

At the time there was no public knowledge about anything involving Fultz’s personal life, something that seemed to be a trend with the burner accounts, telling information that the public didn’t know.

According to league sources that were around Colangelo at the time he found out the information about the report he was visibly shaken.

This is a very much ongoing story, but right now things don’t seem very good for Colangelo’s job safety with the Sixers.