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VIDEO: Sixers guard Danny Green’s heartwarming gesture to viral grandma who spent quarantine learning the NBA

Sixers, Danny Green

Philadelphia 76ers guard Danny Green sent a heartwarming gift for a senior fan who just began loving the NBA this past year.

Film director Lili Gu recently went viral on Twitter after sharing an adorable story about her 94-year-old grandmother, who spent the past year quarantined in her home.

With a lot of idle time on her hands, Gu’s grandma used it to familiarize herself with the NBA and even had a notepad where she listed her favorite players from all 30 teams. Turns out, she is a big Danny Green fan, as seen in her notes.

The charming story reached the Sixers sharpshooter, who rewarded the adorable senior with a signed no.14 jersey. Lili Gu captured the moment her grandma opened her gift and even had a message for the three-time NBA champion.

Danny Green had his best game of the season against his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, last Thursday after he erupted for a season-high 28 points on eight successful 3-pointers for the Sixers. Sure enough, Gu’s grandma tuned in on that match and congratulated Green for being “the star” of that game.

Now that’s just lovely. The NBA, of course, has a huge following all over the world, as passionate fans of all ages made the league to what it is today. Green, on the other hand, has been known as one of the most likable players in the league off the court. Sure, the 33-year-old swingman has also received some hate from those critical of his poor outings for the Lakers last season, but it’s clear has a deep appreciation for his fans even though he’s now with the Sixers.