The careers of LeBron James and Michael Jordan will be juxtaposed forever. No matter where you stand on the King James vs. His Airness GOAT debate, the takes are always going to be hot and passionate. Adding more fuel to that discussion is Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers, with the Sixers bench boss saying when it comes to having the greatest “career”, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar already has it in the bag (via Dave McMenamin of ESPN).

“I think he’s going to have the greatest career of all time. I think he’s already had it. And that’s not … I think Michael [Jordan] is the greatest of all time, but that doesn’t take anything away from LeBron. LeBron’s had the greatest career”

Doc Rivers surely isn't someone who just blurted out a hastily made opinion about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. He has plenty of experience playing against Jordan and coaching against LeBron, so he's got a pretty vast reservoir of information on which to base his insight. Then again, when it comes to this GOAT debate, it always comes down to where you draw the line, and the line that the Sixers head coach made is just either going to get countered or supported.

The accomplishments in the NBA of Michael Jordan and LeBron James are hard to match, and that's an understatement. Rivers probably would love to dissect that topic more, but he's also got the Sixers to coach and help steer to the top of the NBA this season.