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Dwight Howard comments about Ben Simmons’ situation

Dwight Howard, Ben Simmons, 76ers

Los Angeles Lakers big man, Dwight Howard, had some interesting comments about the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons’ situation.

“Well you know, I felt like a part of me, I could see that in being as far as what happened with was happening with Ben when I was in Orlando,” Howard said in an interview with Taylor Rooks for Bleacher Report. “It was some similar things happening. Now I just didn’t like the fact that whatever was going on on the inside had to be made public knowledge. Obviously, I’m there with Ben a lot, he’s one of my closest friends so I was upset to hear all the things that was being said about him… When we played the Hawks and we lost, I was upset at Ben on that play. I wanted him to dunk the ball, tear a rim down, but he didn’t do it and it wasn’t just his fault. So my thing was we can’t just blame him.”

Dwight had some powerful words for the Sixers star. Philadelphia made it public and doing that made the whole situation much worse. Simmons did not like the backlash that his Sixers coaching staff and teammates gave him publicly after the loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Dwight recognizes Simmons isn’t all to blame and realizes that the Sixers’ loss to the Hawks in the Eastern Conference playoffs last season was not all because of Ben. Simmons has still yet to play a game with the Sixers this season. It’s unclear when he is going to make his return, if ever.