Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas is not a big fan of Doc Rivers' coaching. In fact, when the Philadelphia 76ers hired the veteran tactician in 2020, he told general manager Elton Brand not to do it.

When discussing the possibility of Rivers becoming the Lakers head coach in his podcast on Thursday, Arenas expressed disapproval and shared why he thinks the Sixers coach is overrated. The former Washington Wizards guard highlighted how winning one championship with a Boston Celtics team filled with superstars boosted Doc's coaching resume despite failing to prove anything before and after that title victory.

“It's those gimme championships that solidify some of these coaches. I'm like ‘wait hold on, he was a losing coach before you gave him rockstars' and then he won a championship, now his legacy is built on a championship. Y'all value championship. After he won a championship, what did he do after that? Nothing. What has he done since then? Nothing,” Arenas said of Rivers.

“If Elton Brand ever did an interview….. and he tells the truth, ask him what I said. I said when he decided to get Doc, I said ‘Doc is going to ruin that team and Ben Simmons is going to be out of there because he doesn't know how to coach him.'”

It remains to be seen if what Gilbert Arenas said is true. After all, he might just be saying it after Ben Simmons' had an ugly breakup with the Sixers and he's using it against Doc Rivers.

However, until Rivers himself wins a championship with the Sixers (or any other team for that matter), the criticism on him being not a good coach–especially after blowing up 3-1 leads–will continue to pester him.

As for the Lakers, they won't be hiring Rivers anymore after the team decided to take Darvin Ham as Frank Vogel's replacement. With that said, Arenas doesn't have to become a Los Angeles Clippers fan anymore.