James Harden, on Monday morning, took his trade request to the extreme. During a press tour in China, Harden put Philadelphia 76ers president Daryl Morey on blast, calling him a “liar” and that he will never play for any organization that Morey belongs in. But it appears as though Harden isn't finished firing some shots just yet. On Friday midnight, the Sixers guard made a passive-aggressive remark towards Morey, saying that he's been patient enough and that he's just focusing instead on the factors that he can control.

Impressed by his ability to keep on going with his rants about Morey and the Sixers organization, fans couldn't help but see just how comical this situation has become for everyone involved.

Some then pointed out the audacity James Harden had to claim that he was being patient, whereas all he did was limit the Sixers' options by demanding a trade to the Los Angeles Clippers alone.

Moreover, James Harden said that he's focusing on remaining in shape as the offseason continues to fly by with him remaining in a Sixers uniform. This remark, naturally, drew a lot of fury from Sixers fans, especially when The Beard isn't exactly known for keeping his body in tip-top condition when adversity hits.

There's nothing that shuts up somebody else far more effectively than by using their own words against them. In James Harden's case, a few fans keeping a close eye on the Sixers' situation feel like if the Beard wanted to focus on things he could control, then perhaps he could have opted to enter free agency instead of holding both himself and the Sixers hostage in a lose-lose situation.

However, not all reactions towards James Harden's reactions are negative. Some fans defend his decision to go on an all-out tirade, especially when he risked losing out on millions for the franchise's sake in 2022 only for that to blow up in his face the very next year.

We are yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is this James Harden saga with the Sixers. And based on Harden's actions as of late, we may not be done hearing scathing remarks from him just yet.