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WATCH: Sixers star Joel Embiid ruthlessly embarrasses random dude in pickup game with ball-to-face move

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid’s revenge season is coming. After somewhat controversially falling short of the Most Valuable Player title this past season, and his Philadelphia 76ers once again suffering a disappointing second-round exit in the playoffs, it is clear that the 28-year-old will be playing with a chip on his shoulder come the new campaign.

As it turns out, Embiid has been busy honing his craft this summer. A video of the Sixers superstar playing some pickup basketball is currently making its rounds on social media. Embiid didn’t exactly wow the audience with his eye-popping skills on the court, though. Nevertheless, there’s a hilarious reason why this clip has now gone completely viral (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

Yup, Joel Embiid just did that. He literally hit a guy on the face with a ball before throwing down a one-handed windmill dunk all over the poor dude. This isn’t a pro-am game we’re talking about here, as Embiid’s opponents look like your ordinary Joes who were just out to get some shots in on a random afternoon. What a great surprise it must have been for them to be able to play with the All-Star big man. Not so much, I guess, for the guy who just got humiliated.

Then again, it’s not very often that one gets savagely trolled by an NBA superstar during a random pickup game. This is the type of story you tell your grandkids. All in all, I guess you can say it was a memorable occasion for the ball-to-face victim.