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Sixers’ Josh Richardson appears to get drug tested after ‘Family Guy’ tweet

Josh Richardson

Josh Richardson posted a Family Guy-related tweet on Thursday night which prompted a fan to respond that the Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard would get drug tested for his tweet.

Lo and behold, the following morning, J-Rich did appear to have gotten drug tested, as seen with his tweet.

That was definitely a hilarious turn of events for Richardson. Congrats are in order to that fan (@DEE_Perez15) for putting on his Nostradamus hat and predicting the future.

Something like this has happened on quite a few occasions now this season.

Prior to the season, images of Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso appearing to have put on some serious muscle made the waves on social media. Shortly after, the league called on him to get drug tested.

Similarly, Caruso’s teammate Danny Green, not known for his hops, pulled off a massive putback dunk from out of nowhere in a game earlier this season. The following day, the NBA selected the veteran 3-and-D specialist for the random drug test.

As funny as these situations turned out to be, all of these cases are most likely just by coincidence and not by league choice. Nevertheless, at least Richardson got a good laugh out of it.

Richardson, however, wasn’t laughing last night when the Sixers lost a close one to the Miami Heat. The former second round pick scored 17 points and made three 3-pointers in the 117-116 overtime defeat.

The Saturday night showdown between two of the elite teams in the East featured arguably one of the wildest finishes to a game this season. Unfortunately for Richardson, he did not get the revenge game against his former squad.

The loss marks back-to-back heartbreaking one-point defeats over their last two contests. Prior to their game against Miami, the Sixers also fell short against the Orlando Magic on Friday night.