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Sixers legend Julius Erving names only NBA player Wilt Chamberlain feared

Julius Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, Sixers

Philadelphia 76ers legend Julius Erving has revealed who the only NBA player that intimidated his fellow Sixers great Wilt Chamberlain was.

Throughout his illustrious NBA career, Wilt Chamberlain dominated the league and there were only few who could pose a serious competition to his insane basketball arsenal.

Chamberlain played for an array of NBA teams but he was most notable for his time with the Sixers, the same team he scored 100 points for in a single game.

Though Chamberlain often had the advantage over his opponents at the time, Sixers all-time great Julius Erving divulged that Washington Bullets big-man Wes Unseld never backed down on him.

When recounting his favorite dunk of all time, Erving vividly remembered how tough and physical the late Wes Unseld was in the process.

According to “Dr. J,” he dunked over Wizards legend Elvin Hayes and he noticed that Unseld was also there “helping” his teammate to stop him.

“I’m going in the lane, and that damn Wes Unseld was back there helping, and Elvin [Hayes],” Erving recently said on The Knuckleheads Podcast. “I knew Unseld would hurt you and not even blink. He would take the courage from the other players on your team because they wouldn’t even come out and come to your rescue. Might not even come pick you up because they gonna get hit by him too.”

Right after he dunked on Hayes, Erving realized that he was kind of lucky Unseld didn’t hurt him as he knew even Chamberlain was “scared” of “The Baby Bull.”

“So he was the only guy Wilt [Chamberlain] was scared of in the league, and I always heard that before I got over to the league,” he recalled.