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Kyle O’Quinn explains why he liked Trey Burke’s dad’s Instagram post asking Sixers to trade Burke

Sixers, Kyle O'Quinn, Trey Burke

The father of Trey Burke has publicly lobbied for his son to be traded by the Philadelphia 76ers due to a lack of playing time and Sixers big man Kyle O’Quinn liked the post on Instagram.

Speaking to reporters after Sixers practice on Tuesday, O’Quinn explained his side of the story and says it was just a harmless “like.”

“I like pretty much everything on Instagram that’s Sixer-related,” O’Quinn said, via Philly Voice. “That’s why I follow those pages, I think they support us during the good times and bad times, so I kind of just, if you noticed that was a tweet posted on Instagram, so I just liked the post on Instagram. It’s not like I went and retweeted it, commented, shared my thoughts…in your eyes social media is social media, to be honest I didn’t even know that was his dad’s Twitter handle, I’ve met him several times, he has always been Mr. Burke to me. Name like that, I didn’t catch it, I just liked it because it was a fan sharing some insight on the game.

“It had nothing to do with me, it was just a Philly post. A like is kind of like an acknowledgment, so if a guy goes down on another team and I like that post, am I cheering that on? I don’t think so, I’m just acknowledging it. If I want to add a comment to say my thoughts, I will. But a like I think is a little harmless.”

Burke has only played in 10 of the Sixers’ 28 games this season. He’s averaging 6.9 points, 1.5 rebounds and 3.1 assists while shooting 42.9 percent from the field, 38.9 percent from beyond the arc and 72.7 percent from the free-throw line.

The Sixers are 20-8 on the season. They are in second place in the Eastern Conference standings. The last thing the Sixers need right now is any drama, so it’s good that O’Quinn cleared things up.

As for Burke’s future with the team, players who signed contracts this past summer can be traded now, so we’ll see if the Sixers do in fact move Burke.